We’re Marin Living Foods. We make simple, delicious, refreshingly unique almond milks.

Our almond milks do more. They’re bold enough to drink straight from the bottle or sip on like you did when you were a kid. They’re also strong enough to add to coffees and smoothies, if that’s what brings you joy.

Our almond milks with unexpected flavors, like Berry Goji, Cacao Maca, and Vanilla Chia. 

Whether you’re grabbing one for yourself or introducing a delightfully non-dairy option to your family, our bottles will make you fall in love with almond milk all over again, or maybe for the first time if you’ve never tried any. At least that’s what they did for us — but we’re probably a little biased.

Crack open a bottle and see what all the fuss is about. Cheers.

Meet our Maker

Gaina is CEO and Founder of Marin Living Foods. She is a trained holistic chef out of Bauman College and began her almond milk journey because she wanted to create a product that was healthy and delicious. 

Gaina believes that simple, high quality ingredients are what makes a product stand out. That’s why she has led the effort to ensure that all of our almond milks start with a short list of 100% organic ingredients that never include weird gums or fillers. They are made with the planet in mind, using low-waste product cycles and earth-friendly practices.