Vanilla Chia

12 oz

Almond milk, all dressed up. Vanilla Chia comes lightly sweetened with organic date syrup and speckled with chia and hemp seeds — ancient superfoods that are both magical and good for you. The delicious smell of this almond milk comes from organic vanilla extract. Shake vigorously and passionately before drinking. There are no salts, thickeners, additives, or preservatives. 

Single-serving size.

Ingredients: organic sprouted almond milk (organic sprouted almonds, filtered water), organic chia seeds, organic hemp seeds, organic date syrup, organic vanilla extract (organic vanilla, water, alcohol), pink Himalayan salt

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Our almonds are locally sourced from almond farms in California's Central Valley. They are certified organic!

We make everything on-site at our Bay Area-based facility that is 100% dedicated to the production of almond milk. We never use third party vendors in the production of our milks.

Our almond milks are made using a gentle heat pasteurization method, which maintains their ultra fresh-pressed taste as well as gives them a 30-day shelf-life in the fridge. Because we don't add any preservatives, it's best that our milks are kept cold. Once open, they should be consumed within 7 days. We don't recommend freezing our milks.

Our almond milks are gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free/vegan. They are made in a facility that is dedicated to just the production of almond milk.

Our almond milks are colored using natural ingredients only. We don't use icky artificial flavors or dyes. We also don't add gums or thickeners.

Our milk bottles are made with biodegradable plastic bottles.

It's important for you to get your milks in a hurry, so we ship our almond milks via UPS Next-Day Delivery, with cold packs, all over the continental United States plus also Hawaii.

Due the perishable nature of our almond milks, we do not accept refunds. However, it's super important to us that our customers are happy, so if there are any issues with any purchase, please reach out to us at and we'll take care of you!